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Mind maps are a perfect tool for orginizing a lot of information on a single sheet of paper. An entire book can be summarized in such a way, enabling the user to recall only the basic things later, without paying too much attention to details. This is the main point. Our brain likes to remember only key ideas and key words.

However, let us mention the ingenious inventor of mind maps – Tony Buzan. Born in 1942 in London, Tony Buzan graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1964 with a double Honours degree in Psychology, English, Maths and General Sciences.

 Having been interested in the field of pragmatic psychology, and, particularly, in the way our brain functions, Tony Buzan has been focused on and developed many theses on our intellectual and creative abilities.

In addition to books ” How to Mind Map: The Thinking Tool That Will Change Your Life “, “Speed Reading”, ” Make the Most of Your Mind “, and many, many others, his best-selling book ” Use Both Sides of Your Brain” has been sold in a million copies.

Tony Buzan and his co-authors have enabled millions of people around the world to use their minds more efficiently. Drawing mind maps is a powerful graphic technique that increases the potential of our mind. Sketching these maps can be applied in every aspect of our lives in order to improve learning or clearly define goals that challenge us.

 Why are mind maps so useful? First of all, they contain elements that are interesting both to the left and the right hemisphere of our brain. The left hemisphere, or logical hemisphere, is engaged in analysis, numbers, linearity, words, logic and lists. The right, or the creative hemisphere, is responsible for the synthesis, spatial perception, colors, rhythm, imagination and daydreaming.How does our brain function?

  When the work of both the left and right hemisphere of the brain unite, our mind can function a hundred times better! Mind maps contain elements that keep the attention both to the left and the right brain hemisphere, and we are able to remember information more easily and effectively by watching lots of colors, images and associations. Also, mind maps define key terms clearly, separating the important from the unimportant, which allows us not to waste time on irrelevant details.

3 thoughts on “About Mind Maps

  1. Jane Smith

    This is a really useful website – I’m sure it will help lots of people to learn grammar and to learn the power of Mind Maps.

    Do look at my blog for more articles about good writing, and about Mind Maps. But I never thought of putting the two together!
    Well done!

    Jane Smith

  2. Teacher

    Dear Jane,

    Thank you for the positive feedback! It means a lot to me since I’m not a native English speaker. I teach English using mind maps and all my students really like them!

    I find your blog very useful, too! I believe in the infinite power of human brain and I think we are at the very beginning of understanding how it functions. The way we have learned things so far must definitely change in the future and mind mapping is only the beginning of the revolutionary way of approaching learning!

    All in all, I’m really looking forward to future cooperation with you!

  3. Jane Smith

    I have only just found your reply to my comment. I amazed that you are not a native English Englisg speaker as your English id perfect. That is very rare – even for those whose first language is English!
    Please have a look at my audio resource ‘Effective Business Writing for Success’

    It may be of some interest to your students (although I’m not sure what age they are). As well as the audio book, a booklet with further info and exercises, and online


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